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RECOVER®: The Soccer Player's Guide to Knee Resilience and Rehab

Stop sitting on the sidelines with an injury that won't heal. Take control of your recovery journey today. 

What you'll get in the RECOVER® Guide:

  • Complete three phase framework- Hours of expertly crafted content to take you from sub-acute injury on the sidelines to back on the pitch! ($159 value)
  • Over 35 videos with informative, step-by-step captions and helpful tips to guide your rehab exercises
  • Progression Criteria to guide you from phase to phase 
  • PROTECT® Guide- Acute Injury Care Instructions to decrease inflammation and pain ($45 value)
  • Dr. Kuhlman's unique "Return to Play Time Estimator" based on the most up-to-date research ($25 value)
  • Our favorite Sports Flow conditioning drills to get you ready to play! ($33 value)
  • Full battery of research-backed Return to Play Tests (to see if you are ready to safely start playing again!) ($29 value)
  • Full Dynamic Warm Up that Dr. Kuhlman teaches to all his athletes ($15 value)
  • Soccer-specific tips throughout the program that will both improve the injury and create better performance in the long-run
  • Injury Prevention Timeline you're looking to get ahead of these injuries ($25 value)
  •  Printable PDF summary sheets for each phase with tracking tables
  •  Printable Full Program Summary sheet
  •  Full video library of all videos used throughout the program for easy access
  •  Product is available directly after purchase! No waiting 6 weeks to *maybe* get a call back from a PT office
  • BONUS- Dr. Kuhlman's high efficiency soccer injury prevention exercise bundle ($15 value)
  • 2nd BONUS!- Dr. Kuhlman's Foot Injury and Performance Guide ($42 value)
  • NEW- 3rd Bonus!- Dr. Kuhlman's efficient weight training framework, refined over 20+ years in the gym! ($38 value)

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The frameworks in this guide have been developed by Dr. Garrett Kuhlman after 15+ years of working with athletes, hundreds of hours of research, and thousands of hours of face-to-face, clinical rehabilitation, and an unending passion for the beautiful game. 

While this content was developed by a medical professional, it does not replace individual consultation by your medical provider, especially for serious injuries. By purchasing this guide, you are acknowledging that you have read and agree to abide by our terms and conditions, privacy policies, and medical disclaimers.