RECOVER® - Hamstring Injury

Heal Your Soccer Hamstring Injury Fast

Designed by Sports Chiropractor and lifelong soccer player Dr. Garret Kuhlman, The Soccer Assist Hamstring RECOVER® Guide is specifically crafted to walk you through every step of the recovery process, getting you back on the pitch, playing the beautiful game.

Practical, Easy-to-Follow Framework

Our RECOVER® Guide is divided into three phases that will take you from the sidelines to back on the pitch! 

12-15 minuters per day. 4 days per week. That's it. 

1) Groundwork Phase

2) Integration Phase

3) Dynamic Phase

Each phase contains five sections to walk you through the phase step-by-step: 

a) Phase Goals 
b) Exercise Category Descriptions
c) Bundles Framework
d) Individual Exercise Descriptions (with videos)
e) Progression Criteria (when to move to the next phase)


Dr. Kuhlman's Sports Flow conditioning favorites and his full research backed battery of Return to Play Tests!

Expert Developed 

Developed by a licensed Sports Chiropractor with years of clinical treatment and on-the-field experience

Easy to Follow 

With 30+ video demos, helpful walk-thrus, and soccer-specific tips, you'll feel supported the entire way and ready to get back in the game

Recovery on Your Terms

Fit real, evidence-based rehab into your hectic schedule in as little as 15 minutes a day, without breaking the bank

Affordable & Accessible

Not everyone can afford high-cost outpatient rehab treatments or recurring appointments with specialists. We created these programs as a way to make injury rehabilitation more affordable and accessible to everyone who wants to stay healthy and keep playing the game we all love, pain-free. 

30+ Exercise Videos

Gain access to over 30 detailed, engaging videos that you can watch (and rewatch) at your own pace. But you're not alone: Dr. Kuhlman leads you through the modules and recovery exercises step-by-step! 

Quick. Simple. Effective.

We created these programs to help soccer players fit real, evidence-based rehab into our hectic schedule. Just dedicate 15 minutes a day, four days a week to the exercises in the frameworks, and you'll be back on the field in no time.  

RECOVER®: Hamstring Injury Guide


What's Included:

  • Complete three phase framework- Hours of expertly crafted content to take you from sub-acute injury on the sidelines to back on the pitch!

  • Over 30 videos with informative, step-by-step captions and helpful tips to guide your rehab exercises
  • Dr. Kuhlman's unique "Return to Play Time Estimator" based on the most up-to-date research 
  • Our favorite Sports Flow conditioning drills to get you ready to play!
  • Full battery of research-backed Return to Play Tests (to see if you are ready to safely start playing again!)
  • Full Dynamic Warm Up that Dr. Kuhlman teaches to all his athletes
  • Soccer-specific tips throughout the program that will both improve the injury and create better performance in the long-run

  •  Printable PDF summary sheets for each phase with tracking tables

  •  Printable Full Program Summary sheet

  •  Full video library of all videos used throughout the program for easy access

  • Automatic access to Dr. Kuhlman's blog & member newsletter 

The cost of doing nothing

More pain, more frustration, less time on the pitch making memories with your friends

Don't let injuries get the best of you.

Take back control of your game, now!

Your Questions, Answered. 

Don't be stuck on the sidelines any longer. 

Get back on the pitch. Start your recovery journey today.