RECOVER®: The Soccer Player's Guide to Hamstring Resilience and Rehab

 Bulletproof Your Hamstring in 6 Weeks or Less!

Is This Program For Me?

  • Are you a weekend warrior with no plans to stop playing soccer as you get into your 20's, 30's and beyond?
  • Do you have a history of hamstring injuries and/or just tweak it AGAIN?!
  • Are you tired of being the one stuck on the sidelines while your buddies are still all out playing? 
  • Are you frustrated with trying to piece together rehab from the deluge of random Youtube videos?
  • Are you busy as heck and can't find time to fit multiple hour-long PT visits into your week?
  • Are you tired of the rest-reinjury-rest-reinjury cycle?


You can’t imagine hanging up the cleats for good?  


If you answered YES to even one of these, then this guide is for you!  


RECOVER®: The Soccer Player's Guide to Hamstring Resilience and Rehab

Hamstring rehabilitation for soccer players, designed by a soccer player

Expert Developed 

Developed by a licensed Sports Chiropractor with years of clinical treatment and on-the-field experience

Easy to Follow 

With 30+ video demos, helpful walk-thrus, and soccer-specific tips, you'll feel supported the entire way and ready to get back in the game

Recovery on Your Terms

Fit real, evidence-based rehab into your hectic schedule in as little as 15 minutes a day, without breaking the bank

Instant Access!

Get instant access to YOUR soccer hamstring rehabilitation plan and kickstart your journey back onto the pitch TODAY!

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Here's What's Included With Your Purchase:

  • Educational videos and explainers  

  • Functional movement tests to show how long recovery will take and tests when you’ll be ready to play again!  

  •  6-week soccer hamstring rehabilitation program completely mapped out for you  

  •  All the rehab lessons Dr. Kuhlman has refined over the last 15 years  

  •  Detailed video walk throughs and in-depth descriptions of every access and easy access through your phone, tablet or computer! 

  •  A more resilient hamstring, guaranteed!  

Why Do Most Hamstring Rehab Attempts FAIL

1) No Time to Fit Into Busy Schedule

2) No Plan, No Progression, No System, No Results

3) Not Soccer Specific


The Soccer Player's Guide to Hamstring Resilience and Rehab:

Quick. Simple. Effective.

We created these programs to help soccer players fit real, evidence-based rehab into your hectic schedule. Just dedicate 15 minutes a day, four days a week to the exercises in the frameworks, and you'll be back on the field in no time.  

Three Distinct Phases

Each phase is meticulously crafted to progress from the previous one, providing a clear roadmap to bulletproof your hamstrings. With over 30 detailed and engaging videos, you can watch and revisit them at your convenience, ensuring thorough understanding and effective implementation at your own pace! 

Designed for Soccer Players, By a Soccer Player

This guide is designed to meet the unique challenges and requirements of soccer. Dr. Kuhlman, drawing from over 30 years of playing experience, has meticulously refined his rehabilitation techniques specifically for soccer injuries, providing you with the most precise and effective care tailored to the demands of the sport. 

RECOVER®: The Soccer Player's Guide to Hamstring Resilience and Rehab


What You'll Get:

  • Complete three phase framework- Hours of expertly crafted content to take you from sub-acute injury on the sidelines to back on the pitch! ($159 value)

  • Over 30 videos with informative, step-by-step captions and helpful tips to guide your rehab exercises
  • Progression Criteria to guide you from phase to phase
  • PROTECT® Guide- Acute Injury Care Instructions to decrease inflammation and pain ($45 value)
  • Dr. Kuhlman's unique "Return to Play Time Estimator" based on the most up-to-date research ($25 value)
  • Our favorite Sports Flow conditioning drills to get you ready to play! ($33 value)
  • Full battery of research-backed Return to Play Tests (to see if you are ready to safely start playing again!) ($29 value)
  • Full Dynamic Warm Up that Dr. Kuhlman teaches to all his athletes ($15 value)
  • Soccer-specific tips throughout the program that will both improve the injury and create better performance in the long-run

  • Injury Prevention Timeline you're looking to get ahead of these injuries ($25 value)
  •  Printable PDF summary sheets for each phase with tracking tables

  •  Printable Full Program Summary sheet

  •  Full video library of all videos used throughout the program for easy access

  •  Product is available directly after purchase! No waiting 6 weeks to *maybe* get a call back from a PT office
  • BONUS- Dr. Kuhlman's high efficiency soccer injury prevention exercise bundle ($15 value)
  • 2nd BONUS!- Dr. Kuhlman's Foot Injury and Performance Guide ($42 value)
  • NEW- 3rd Bonus!- Dr. Kuhlman's efficient weight training framework, refined over 20+ years in the gym! ($38 value)

Over $425 of Value Included,

Yours for Just $89.


LIMITED TIME, 33%Off - $59 USD!

One Time Purchase, Lifetime Access!


7 Day Money Back Gaurantee

“We are so confident in our guides that If you get a week into your rehab and feel that it just isn’t for you, you can get your money back- no questions asked” 

The cost of doing nothing

More pain, more frustration, less time on the pitch making memories with your friends

Let's Break it Down:

Module 1

The Hamstrings, Explained

In this module, we break down all things Hamstrings related and take a deep dive into the mechanics of the hamstrings and potential hamstring injuries 


✔ Basic Hamstring Anatomy- Knowledge is power

✔ How These Injuries Happen in Soccer- We understand the mechanism, the rehab makes much more sense

✔ Hamstring Strain Characteristics- The signs and symptoms of strains, how they are classified and what they mean

✔ Functional Movement Implications- A breakdown of all Dr. Kuhlman knows of the numerous roles the hamstrings play within our body and our sport

Module 2

 Setting the Stage

In this module, we equip you with the tools to understand your specific injury, and outline the steps for you to get the absolute most out of your rehabilitation plan 


✔ Rehab Insights and Concepts- Rehabilitation is a process, use these concepts, tips, and insights to help you stay the course 

✔ Prevention Timeline- If you don’t have a current hamstring injury, this is the timeline for you! Kudos for getting ahead of the game! 

✔ Return to Play Estimator Tool- Dr. Kuhlman compiled this from numerous research papers to help you estimate your recovery time 

✔ Acute Hamstring Injury: PROTECT® Guide- Brand new Hammy Injury? This guide will walk you through the precise steps to protect the injury, reduce pain and inflammation, and kickstart the healing process effectively. 

Module 3

The Hamstring Rehabilitation Phases

Now that you actually know what’s happening with your Hamstring, it's time to start your journey back onto the pitch! I’ll walk you through every step of the process. 


 Groundwork Phase- This phase aims to establish a foundation of stability within and around the hamstring muscle group. These exercises serve as the cornerstone upon which we will build everything else. 

✔ Integration Phase- This phase builds on the previous one by challenging the hamstring and its place in our movement systems. Acting as a bridge, it transitions from static floor exercises to dynamic movements essential for soccer players, paving the way for the dynamic movements detailed in the next phase. 

✔ Dynamic Phase- These exercises in this phase are specifically chosen to challenge coordination, balance, and timing of your movements. They also re-teach the hamstring safe energy storage and release 

Module 4

Returning to Play

This module is set up to answer the all-important question: Am I ready to play?


✔ Sports Flow Drills: These are designed to test your hamstring and get you back into a conditioning shape.  Poor conditioning is a major risk factor in re-injury. 

✔ Return to Play Testing Protocol- Designed by Dr. Kuhlman, this protocol tests various aspects of hamstring readiness, including Active Range of Motion, Muscular Strength & Endurance, and Conditioning Intensity. 

✔ Not Quite Ready Yet? What to Focus on- If you did not pass the protocol above, we developed specific bundles to address what aspect of your Hamstring function needs a little more work. 

Get Instant Access to All of This and More With 

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It’s time to ditch the Youtube video searches and short-term fixes- There’s soccer to be played! 

Stop be frustrated on the sidelines, take the first step to LONG TERM RECOVERY today! 

Download the RECOVER Hamstring Resilience and Rehab Program Now! 

✅ 6-week, Step by Step Soccer Hamstring Resilience & Rehab Program (Value: 159$) 


✅ Return to Play Time Estimator, and Return to Play Testing Protocol (Value: $54) 


✅ Tons of Great Bonus Content (Value: $210) 


Over $425 of Value Included,

Yours for just



Limited Time- 33% off- $59 USD  

One time purchase- Lifetime Access 



About Dr. Kuhlman

Dr. Kuhlman brings over 15 years of experience in athlete care and more than 30 years of passionate dedication to our sport. He has worked with many sports programs including the University of Missouri, USA Track and Field, and the Ohio State University. His post-doctoral work was completed under Dr. William Moreau, Chief Medical Officer of the US Olympic teams. Through the years, he has had the privilege of speaking to numerous teams, companies, as well as podcast and fitness content creators. 

Having personally experienced the challenges of recovering from a severe soccer knee injury, Dr. Kuhlman was inspired to create accessible and effective guides. His goal is to empower all soccer players to overcome injuries and remain on the pitch, where they truly belong! 

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Disclaimer: While this content was developed by a medical professional, it does not replace individual consultation by your medical provider, especially for serious injuries. The videos and exercises in this program are intended for educational and entertainment purposes only. No information in the program is to be taken as medical or health advice. You agree, upon purchase, to release Dr. Garrett Kuhlman DC, CCSP and The Soccer Assist, LLC of any and all liability and responsibility from any and all losses, liabilities, injuries, or damages. You also are acknowledging that you have read and agree to abide by our terms and conditions, privacy policies, and medical disclaimers.