Injuries suck.

We help you beat them.

Fully Online Sports Prehab and Rehab programs made
for soccer players, by a soccer player.

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Designed for anyone who loves the game of soccer. 

Whether you're a high school player, a college intramural player, a Sunday league MVP, a coach, trainer, or even a proud parent, The Soccer Assist is your one-stop shop for affordable, accessible, and easy-to-follow prehab and rehab frameworks.

Are you sitting on the sidelines with an injury that just won't get better?


Check out Dr. Kuhlman's Free EDUCATE® Guides for Your Unique Injury  

The perfect primer to understand your injury and what comes next in the recovery process


Covers strains & other common injuries



Covers common injuries like Meniscus



Covers sprains, strains, & other common injuries


"I tore my ACL playing soccer. After surgery, everything seemed to be great until years later, when I began to have recurring knee pain. Every time I played, it got worse until it got to be unbearable. I remember thinking, 'Maybe it's time to hang up the cleats and be done.' I was devastated."

Sound familiar? 

If this is just like your own injury story, you're not alone. Thousands of devoted soccer players continue to live with chronic pain, preventing them from performing at their best and eventually stopping them playing altogether.

The costs of more surgeries and long-term physical therapy puts recovery out of reach for many players. But Dr. Garrett Kuhlman wants to change that.

Meet Dr. Garrett Kuhlman

Licensed Sports Chiropractor, CCSP®, & lifelong soccer player

I've been playing this sport since I was 4 years old and have suffered through my own grueling recovery process. After more than 15 years studying the human body through academic research, clinicals, and 1-on-1 treatments, I've dedicated my life to helping other players overcome their injuries with programs that are easily accessible and really work.


More About Me

Designed with Your Recovery

& Long-Term Performance in Mind

No B.S., no fluff, no visits for the sake of the insurance payments. Just the simple, efficient, and effective nuts and bolts of what you need to get back on the field. These guides are designed to put the ball back in your court (or in this case, pitch). With a little dedication, you'll be ready to get back in the game!

Ready to Start Your Recovery Journey? 

Check out the following programs to get/keep you off the sidelines and on the pitch where you belong! 

RECOVER®: Hamstring Injury

Full three phase program with hours of expertly crafted content and over 30 hamstring rehab videos, taking you from the sidelines to the pitch!

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RECOVER®: Knee Injury

Full three phase program with hours of expertly crafted content and over 30 knee rehab videos, taking you from  the sidelines to the pitch!

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FORTIFY®: Prevent It

Dr. Kuhlman's guide dedicated to preventing soccer injuries using lessons and hacks gleaned from 14+ years of working with athletes

Coming Soon!

My goal for you... to get you to that feeling of pure happiness, when you first step onto the field after you lace up your boots. The ball is at your feet, your buddies are all there warming up and joking around. You feel fit, happy, and healthy, and you are pumped to start playing. That feeling is one of the BEST in the world, and getting you there is the ultimate goal of The Soccer Assist.

You've got this!

-Dr. Garrett Kuhlman

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